SpamTitan Gateway is an award winning Anti-Spam appliance that is tried and tested. Its performance is externally validated each month and it consistently features as one of the best catch rates for Anti-Spam appliances from a host of market leaders. SpamTitan Gateway has a complete feature set that suits any size business as well as a whole range of features designed specifically for service providers who offer Antispam services to their customers.


Email represents the single critical utility of today’s companies driving productivity, efficiency and cost savings. Unfortunately, bundled within its many advantages are significant threats which have the capacity to destroy your network and incur serious legal and financial repercussions for you and your business.

The simple act of opening an email or clicking a link can release payloads of viruses which apart from demolishing our networks internal structures, can also unleash devastating consequences for your clients by fulfilling their basic viral nature; that of spreading secretly from one computer to another with malicious intent.