Pure Access Cloud

IP Reader Specs

We’re transforming the industry with Pure-IP.

Founded in 1999, ISONAS is the first access control company to design and manufacture a cutting-edge, IP-to-the-door solution that eliminates needless complexity—including inconvenient control panels, separate power supply, and dedicated hard-wiring. Our network-based PowerNet™ reader-controllers offer a patented technology that easily integrates with Windows-based software to deliver more simplicity, greater value, and total flexibility to go places you never thought possible. With 50,000+ readers already installed worldwide across a range of commercial and private organizations, ISONAS provides a proven solution that is revolutionizing the industry. 


Pure Access Cloud

Pure Access is our new software platform available as a fully hosted version in the cloud or on premise. A fully hosted access control platform provides peace of mind and eliminates the need to support on-site hardware. ISONAS reader-controllers are pre-configured to the cloud and only require a network connection on your site; making your ISONAS system truly plug and play.